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Everything you and your patient need for specialized hand care can be found in one place - Brown Hand Center. Every OR is complete, equipped with advanced systems and multiple sets to reduce turnover time. There are no delays between cases. Teamwork, safety, and experience are Brown Hand Center’s special features. Our Board Certified anesthesiologists, OR nurses, scrub technicians, and post-op care nurses are the very best, carefully chosen for their backgrounds and capabilities, prepared for every emergency. We offer you and your patients the most advanced post-op monitoring equipment, experienced RNs, and helpful attitudes.

Brown Hand Center takes care of appointment scheduling, your needs for special equipment, implants, and grafts. We maintain an up-to-date catalog of standardized operating reports to help you use your time most effectively. You are invited to find out more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the Brown Procedure, Other Hand & Arms Problems, and other options for extending the care of your patients.

There have been numerous clinical studies on both the Brown Procedure and other therapies. Please see the abstracts below for more information.

The Endotrac™ System for Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

Medical instruments used for Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

New advances change treatment therapies and associated medical instruments frequently. As the Brown Procedure and other therapies were developed by Michael G. Brown, MD (retired), a variety of surgical instruments were created to support these procedures and have proven themselves in surgical procedures for many years.

For example, the Endotrac™ System has been proven in thousands of cases involving the surgical treatment of CTS. It includes an obturator, slotted cannula, synovial elevator, ligament probe, ligament rasp, blade handle, two retractors, and sterilizable tray. The Endotrac™ System is designed to be used with a standard 4mm, 30° scope.

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