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Our Hand Surgery Center is the One Place That Has Everything Patients Need in a Surgical Facility

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery makes it possible for the pianist to play with pain-free hands

When you realize your hands are giving you significant enough problems to seek treatment from a hand doctor, you can trust Brown Hand Center to provide you with the best of everything. Our patients receive support from the beginning of your diagnosis to the solution of your problem. Our hand doctors take the time to really listen to what you think is causing your hand pain and then diagnose you accurately. You will know you are working with experienced staff in every area as you glide through our hand surgery center. Schedules are respected and maintained and reinforced by outstanding teamwork.

In our hand surgery center, each operating room is equipped with advanced systems and multiple sets of instruments to make sure each patient has the same quality of care as the last. There are usually no delays between procedures because we work as a unit to get the best goal for you accomplished. As one of the most experienced hand surgery center facilities, Brown Hand Center knows that safety and experience are characteristics of which we are proud and work hard to maintain. Our hand surgery center's Board Certified anesthesiologists, nurses, scrub technicians, and post-op care nurses are highly trained and qualified and carefully chosen for their backgrounds.

Brown Hand Center is a Leader in the Hand Surgery Center Industry

Our hand surgery center treats our patients with the utmost care and compassion. The highly talented hand surgeons are equipped to provide our patients with the most advanced post-op monitoring equipment because we know your treatment does not end when your surgery is over. With six locations in: Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Austin, we make sure each of our hand surgery center facilities has the same high standard of quality and care provided to each patient.

At Brown Hand Center, our hand surgery facilities treat a variety of hand issues, including carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, tumors, birth defects, wrist pain, tennis elbow, and hand pain. These problems are our specialties; when you contact us, you should feel you are in good hands.

Our hands are so important to us that they are involved in essentially everything we do. From making your bed, to making breakfast and driving to work, we require that our hands are in good working order to have a productive day. When you no longer have normal use of your hands, call our hand surgery center so we can get you back on track. Because our focus is helping you, our success is a badge of honor.

Featured Article:

Tips for Choosing the Best Hand Surgery Center

[Posted on Feb 10]

When you have a problem with your hands or wrists, it can get in the way of living your life to the fullest. If you want to make these problems a thing of the past, you need to seek treatment as soon as possible. In some cases, you may have to visit a hand surgery center and have surgery to correct your condition. Before you choose any surgery center, you should consider your options to be sure you are receiving the best treatment possible.

One of the things you should look for when searching for hand doctors is the right kind of experience. While there are many hand surgeons out there, not all of them are going to be experienced enough to give you the best treatment possible. At Brown Hand Center, our surgeons go through an extensive hand fellowship program, which provides them with the necessary experience to give each and every patient the best possible result. For surgeons you can really trust, contact Brown Hand Center today.

As you are looking for a quality hand surgery center, you’ll want to consider the type of surgery that you will have to undergo. If you are trying to get rid of your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, you’re going to want a surgical procedure that is safe and minimally invasive. At Brown Hand Center, you can look forward to endoscopic surgery that will offer you minimal pain and scarring and lead to a much reduced recovery time, which is something not all hand surgery centers can provide you with.

Overall, you should look for a hand surgery center that can offer you qualified surgeons who are able to perform a virtually pain-free surgery. You really should also consider how a surgery center approaches patient care. At Brown Hand Center, you can look forward to developing a personal relationship with your surgeon. Any treatment you have to go through will be explained to you, and you’ll be given the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. For quality care you can count on, visit Brown Hand Center today.

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